Debut Novel has been released and unleashed!

I’m so excited and grateful to finally release Memoirs of a Girl Who Loves God into the world. I wish I could say it went without a hitch, but there were a few hiccups that are being worked on. That’s okay though… the ebook is out! It’s on Amazon and I hope you’ll take a peek and see if it’s your thing!

The print book will be along shortly, but there is still a learning curve there. I’m promptly calling Ingram Spark for assistance tomorrow. But I think for this being my first time around, I handled the unknown pretty well! Plus, now I know what to expect for my next book and will have fewer hiccups… hopefully :D. I have a lot of family and friends who are waiting for the print version, so I’m trying to take care of it as quickly as possible. Do you hear the whip cracking in the background? Yeah, that’s them.

Over the next month, I plan on writing a series of blogs to highlight many of the people who worked on this project with me. I want to give them the spotlight they deserve for all their hard work and help them earn new business at the same time. It’ll take a lot of blogs to get through everyone. No way could I have ever accomplished this alone. I love my peeps! God gave me the best support on the planet to accomplish my goal.