Author, Photographer, & IT Guy. His name isn’t Jack, it’s Earl.

Get it? Jack of all trades… Oh well.

I met Earl in a Facebook author group named Clean Indie Reads. If you’ve been following me at all, you’ve heard me mention them quite a few times. If you’ve read my book, you would have seen my mention of them in the acknowledgements.

Earl is a man of many talents. His journey of giving up cigarettes led him to publish a book detailing the steps he took to kick the habit. It’s an interesting read with humorous tidbits thrown in. You can take many of the things he says and apply them to your own journey.

If you follow Earl on Twitter, you might be the lucky recipient of one of his many beautiful landscape or flower photos. However, I have been the lucky recipient of some serious web building skills. I used to have another website that a friend help set up. It was very simple and fell by the wayside. However, when I was ready to publish Memoirs of a Girl Who Loves God, I knew I needed to get my act together. But I couldn’t. Self-publishing is an amazing amount of work and it took every stitch of my extra time outside of my day job. Without Earl’s expertise, this site would be nothing more than one jpeg image of my cover. He worked with me to stay within my budget, taught me how to use some of the nifty features, did some fine-tuning, and now… I have an author website that I’m in love with. The best thing, I made a new friend. He’s a genuine person with a heart of gold. I’m thankful and grateful to be able to say he’s one of my peeps!

So if you need something to read, a pretty picture to look at, help building a website, or maybe you’re getting a funky error message that’s freaking you out… just call Earl.

Earl’s Website

Earl’s book ~ Maybe You Should Move Those Away From You



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