“Some people feel the rain, others just get wet.”

~ by Bob Marley or Bob Dylan? Not sure.

A meme with this quote was in my newsfeed on Facebook the other day. It made me stop scrolling, I thought about it for a minute. It was nice… but also poignant. It made me wonder what I may have missed so far. I scrolled on.

Today, when I finally pulled myself out of bed, I decided I’d better run a few errands and get some things for the house. Then I’d return home to get my day going. Last night was the fourth of July so I slept in later than usual, which was lovely. My holiday was spent at my cousin’s house who lives out in the country. I had fun with my peeps and then got some much-needed rest.

The first store I stopped at was Dollar Tree. While I was waiting in line behind a mom and her son, he appeared to be around nine or ten, I watched as the mom told the cashier, “I can’t get anything past here.” She placed her hand down on the conveyor belt in between the cleaning supplies and some things her son had put down. This was right after her son had said, “Mom, I put some of the things back.” They were both dressed for swimming and he’d grabbed flip-flops, water guns, and a floaty toy. She’d simply nodded her head at his comment. I already guessed by this point that she’d told him no earlier and he thought if he didn’t get as many items, she might relent. The son mistakenly thought his mission was accomplished. When the cashier stopped where she’d directed and gave her the total, her son realized what was happening and immediately attempted to reason with her. “Mom, I need these because…” She smiled and said nothing. After she paid she began to walk towards the door, her son actually placed himself in front of her and grabbed her shoulders. I saw the mom say something, but it was so quiet, my nosey self couldn’t make it out. Then they went to their car. I was so glad that she didn’t give in. I’ve seen what ‘giving in’ does and it’s not pretty. Silently, I praised her for taking the harder path. If I’d been her, I would have been embarrassed. Though her son wasn’t throwing an all out tantrum, he certainly wasn’t quiet and he’d made a small scene. She could have just given him what he’d wanted and that would have been that.

By the time I drove to Dillons, the clouds had darkened a bit and the scent of rain was in the air. It was sprinkling before I found a parking space. I wasn’t in the store long, but when I finished shopping and walked out, there was a beautiful summer rain in full swing. I stood there before I stepped out into it and I remembered the quote from the meme and I thought of the mom from Dollar tree. Then I thought of my own life.

From now on, my goal is to always feel the rain. No more regrets, no more excuses. No more ~ I wish I would have done this or that when I was younger. Why did I wait so long to write a book? If only I would have... We can spend so much time on thoughts like these that we literally talk ourselves out of doing better because we think we should have already been there-done that and be enjoying the fruits of wishful labor. I’m over it. I’m going to make the tough choices, just like that mom did today. It doesn’t matter how old we are. We each have a journey and like the mom, we need to be there for each piece of it. If we’re intentional about our choices, they mean more. The flowers are more beautiful because we paused and really took in their beauty.

While I was in my cousin’s big backyard and I looked up into the open sky, I saw so many stars I’d forgotten were there. My view from where I live is so narrow in comparison. We have to remember to find a different viewpoint with… whatever IT is in life. Whatever we are working through. Don’t be sad because you haven’t achieved your heart’s desire yet. Be happy because you’re still here and have another opportunity. God will bless us and direct us as long as we’re trying. The small things are just as important (if not more so) than the big things. Enjoy your journey, learn from it, and whenever we get to where ever we’re going, the victory will be that much sweeter.


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