Need Help Self-Publishing? Of Course You Do!

Formatting, ADs, Book Covers~All That & More. Meet O.M. Faye

Whenever I tell people about my journey of publishing my debut novel, Memoirs of a Girl Who Loves God, I get to tell them about all the people who’ve been placed in my path along the way. God gave me new friends to assist me with all the most difficult lindsaythings in self-publishing. Lindsay McDonald was one of those people.

Lindsay is better known as O.M. Faye, author of The Sugar Babies, which is a wonderful book by the way! I’m not just saying that because she’s awesome; I’ve read the book.

I met Lindsay at a time when I was still writing my first book. We got along so well, I’d decided then I would hire her to do my formatting. So, when we finally got to that point, I contacted her. Thank God I did! Knowledgable, laid back, and friendly are some good starter adjectives for Lindsay. But! Who knows what the most important thing is to an Indie next to quality? Yep, AFFORDABILITY! Lindsay is very affordable. Plus, she goes above and beyond to make you happy.

sugar babiesLindsay offers all kinds of services, but formatting is something I definitely didn’t want to attempt myself; I’ll admit I’m a wuss. A plethora of self-published authors ‘attempt’ to do their own … well, everything. Formatting, cover design, editing (BAD idea!), website design, and more. Not me. I was already overwhelmed with my ten-mile long ‘to do’ list.

Whether you’re working on your first or next book, I highly recommend that you seek people in the business to help you along the way. It’s great to learn how to do all of these other things, but if you’re like me, you need all your extra minutes to write. There are gems, like Lindsay, out there who can help you get the job done without breaking the bank. Need her for your project, click here.

Thank you for everything, Linds!


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