An Author’s Journey ~ With Asperger’s Syndrome

A Guest Post by Melissa Miles

From the first moment I saw a baby in the Neonatal ICU, I knew that I wanted to be a nurse. Taking care of children who were fragile and needed special care was a calling for me. Though challenging at times, I spent five years working in neonatal and pediatric intensive care before taking some time off to have children.

Nothing in my career taking care of other people’s children prepared me for the day that we learned our four-year old little boy was on the Autism spectrum. He was attending a special preschool at the time for children with developmental delays. We had made the assumption that his delays were all physical ones–motor skill delays. He teacher recognized the symptoms of autism and suggested with see a psychologist.

Now I found myself in a completely new and terrifying role. I was no longer the expert assisting other parents in how to best care for their sick child. The tables had been turned and I was the parent of a special needs child myself. I read everything that I could on Asperger’s Syndrome (once the final diagnosis had been determined) and looked for local support groups. I met with school teachers and other personnel that would help MM Sonus to get an IEP (individualized educational plan) in place for our son.

It has been a long and sometimes difficult road. Writing is an amazing outlet that allows me to release the worry and tension that would otherwise build up inside of me. I blog, and occasionally I will actually write specifically about Aspergers. But usually I just write whatever comes to me–whatever I am interested in at that moment. One short story that I wrote about a mother of a medically fragile child, is available free on Amazon. I wrote it hoping that other moms could relate to it.I also write novels and publish them through CreateSpace and KDP. It has been an amazing journey and I will be eternally grateful for the people I’ve met and the opportunities that have been placed in my path since I published my first book in 2013. I would encourage anyone who has stress in their life (and that’s likely everyone!) to consider opening up a blank document and start typing. Just pour your heart out onto the page. You never know when your story might inspire someone else.



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