A Kansas Author ~ Interviewing Donna E Hart

Welcome back for another interview in the ‘A Kansas Author’ blog series. Today, I’m welcoming Donna Hart, a children’s picture book author who resides in Kansas. I have to say it’s been great having so many children’s authors as guests on my site. I love having a little something for everyone!

Donna Hart 2Donna, I appreciate your willingness to be interviewed for this series.

D: Thank you for having me!

Let’s start with your roots. I know you’re not originally from here.

D: That’s right. I grew up in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts and have lived in Kansas for almost 9 years now.

So what’s your most and least favorite thing about Kansas?

D: My favorite thing about Kansas is my husband, our cats and my mother and father-in-law. The worst thing about living here is the distance that it is from my mother and brother in Massachusetts.

That is quite a distance and certainly enough to make someone homesick!

When did you first know you wanted to write?

D: I knew that I wanted to write for sure when I was a teenager.

What did you begin writing during that time?

D: I began writing song lyrics in my teenage years, and have ever since. I’m still searching for an Elton John to put some of them to music for me though. 

I love Elton John! Have you ever put your lyrics to music?

D: No, not yet. I hope to find the proper musician to help me along with that, or do so myself in time.

So you play an instrument then? Or you compose?

 D: I’m learning how to play the acoustic guitar at the moment.

Awesome. I tried to learn but found myself… lacking, lol.

What was your first published work?

Donna Hart 3D: The first book that I had published is a children’s
picture book titled “Sherry Strawberry’s Clubhouse.” It’s about fruit friends helping each other get up to the door of the clubhouse since the ladder that they usually use is missing.

Did you self-publish or traditionally publish?

D: I’m with a traditional publisher.

So is the children’s genre your preference?

D: I prefer to write different types of genres – Children’s Books, Poetry, Screenplays, Plays, Romance, and Mystery novels. I enjoy all of these genres, and always have story ideas that I can picture in my mind for each genre.

Do you have any other plans for your published works?

D: Yes, I do plan on getting my books into school libraries and more public libraries as well.

Lovely! Do you have any works in progress?Donna Hart 5

D: Right now, I’m working on a mystery novel with my mother, a screenplay with my best friend, a book of inspirational poems, and several children’s picture books. I don’t have release dates for any of them at the moment.

Busy lady! That’s wonderful.

Donna Hart 4

Who do you enjoy reading?

D: I have several favorite authors: Jude Deveraux, Spencer Quinn, Nora Roberts, and J.K. Rowling to name a few. I haven’t done much fiction reading recently.

Those are some wonderful and noteworthy authors. I’m going to ask you a few random questions. Ready?

D: Ready!

Chocolate or vanilla?

D: Definitely vanilla.

Coffee or tea?

D: Definitely tea!

Ha ha! We agree there.

Dessert before or after the meal?

D: Dessert is always after my meal.

Donna, thanks again!

Folks, just scroll a little further and you can see how to get in touch with Donna and check out her new release, My Dog Sammy!

Donna HartWays to connect with Donna:My Dog Sammy

Website: www.donnaehart.com

Email: thewriter1971@hotmail.com

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