Where The Light May Lead ~ Julie C. Gilbert

Julie C. Gilbert is one of six authors who published a story in the new release, Where the Light May Lead, an anthology which contains six bite-sized stories of women living out their faith in ordinary and extraordinary circumstances. 

Besides being a seasoned author, Julie is also a poet and a teacher. She has an impressive collection of published books on Amazon so be sure to take a look. Get to know Julie a little better by first reading her poem and then her author’s note and bio below.

Where the Light May Lead


Dancing by the Sea

Daddy, do you remember
How it used to be when
There were three in this family?
Sure we didn’t have much,
But we had it all!
We’d save for months and rise at dawn
Just to go dancing by the sea.
Mommy would hold me
You would hold her and
With nothing but the sea birds watching
We’d all go dancing by the sea.
Seems like such a long time
Since I lost you both to one fool
Going the wrong way on a one way.
The bottle won’t fix this,
But one thing just might …
Mommy may still be gone,
But the sea’s still there
And there are lots more birds to see us.
Can we go dancing by the sea?

A note from Julie~

think black roadHi, the poem you just read is included in Thin Black Road, a book of short inspirational poems. If you’d like a paperback copy of the book, please feel free to email (devyaschildren@gmail.com). It’s available on Amazon.com, but I view the book more like a ministry. I’d love to get a paperback copy to anybody who wants one. (Generally takes a week to get the book to people in the US.)
Most of the poems in that book are songs. If you want an idea of how the tune goes, check out the SoundCloud listing (https://soundcloud.com/julie-gilbert-4/dancing-by-the-sea).

Julie Gilbert
Julie teaches high school Chemistry and writes stories in several genres, including YA SciFi, Christian mystery, and mystery/thriller. Where the Light May Lead is her first involvement in an anthology, but probably not her last. She also collects Legos, drinks lots of tea/coffee, reviews random items at Amazon, and enjoys walking outside if the weather’s cooperative.

Free books:
Where the Light May Lead

Where the Light May Lead (Christian Anthology; contains a prequel to Heartfelt Cases)

heartfelt cases

Heartfelt Cases 1: The Collins Case – amazon kindle

JG The Dark Side of Science

The Dark Side of Science (Devya’s Children 0)

Contact Julie:

New Website: http://www.juliecgilbert.com/ 
                                                         Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JulieCGilbert2013 
                                       Twitter: https://twitter.com/authorgilbert                                                              
Bookbub Partner link: https://www.bookbub.com/authors/julie-c-gilbert



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