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Bokerah Brumley is one of six authors who published a story in the new release, Where the Light May Lead, an anthology which contains six bite-sized stories of women living out their faith in ordinary and extraordinary circumstances. 

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Where the Light May Lead


Geiger Sweets

Feb 21, 2021

Cordova Township, Illinois

Beneath a face mask, Adamma sucked on a hard candy as she moved the Geiger counter. Her one bad habit. Sweets. Her co-worker had given her a bag full before she left headquarters for the three-week assignment.

Thank goodness, she’d been able to finagle her way into the top-of-the-line radiation suit last month. It’d taken every favor she had to secure it, and even then, it cost the agency a pretty penny.

This year, the readings still weren’t promising, but she was comfortable.

Strands of grass leaned against the soil, fatigued by the effort to grow here. Skyscrapers towered over her. The missile impact had only been a few miles away, but the reactor meltdown had surprised them.

They had been Common fools. Every one of them.

The cold wind captured her thoughts and hurtled them upward toward the empty penthouse she’d wanted to live in as a girl.

Until this.

Until radiation poisoning withered her grandmother away in a hospital bed. And Adamma’s grief had demanded a spot on the recovery and rebuild team.

Three more paces, and she’d be able to see the outside of granny’s tiny apartment.


Another sweep with the sensor. She hadn’t been any farther than this spot in five years.

Something fell in a building nearby. A crash, followed by screeching and then a scuffle.

Adamma paused, her hand on the stun gun. A two-headed potbellied pig burst through a department store window. Glass bits rained over the complaining hog in a sparkle of refracted light.

She relaxed. She’d seen some weird things in this town.

In the shadow of the five-and-dime doorway, yellow flashed in the winter sun.

An old pet left behind in the exodus stampede? What could have scared the porker away? They were viciously territorial.

Scans forgotten, she studied the opening.

A bright blue orb leaned into view.

Oh no.


“Permission granted.” The words were necessary, but Adamma would have brought him back either way. Rescue was always her mission, even when it wasn’t.

A double beep, and her commander, with his no-nonsense mustache, disappeared from the monitor.

Tears swam in Adamma’s eyes. The blond haired boy grinned at her from outside the one-person heli. He was so much like the brother she had always wanted. He didn’t speak, just grunted now and then. How long had he been alone?

He was small. The size of a four-year-old

It’d taken an hour to lure him out of the building. Halloween candy wrappers littered the ground between the department store and the landing pad.

Dirt covered him from head to toe. His two front teeth were missing, and he was haphazardly wrapped in a man-sized flannel shirt. He must have been a baby when the town emptied. He was radioactive, but not deformed.

They owed him a good life. They would strap in together.

She lowered the mask over her face before she mashed the door unlock key.

With a smile, she opened the hatch wide and gestured to the boy. She held up a butterscotch and prayed he was ready for his new life.

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Bokerah BrumleyBokerah Brumley is a speculative fiction writer making stuff up on a trampoline in West Texas. When she’s not playing with the quirky characters in her head, she’s addicted to Twitter pitch events, writing contests, and social media, in general. With three urban fantasy novella releases scheduled for 2016, Bokerah has too much planned for this year, but is happily doing it anyway. She lives on ten acres with five home-educated children, four peacocks, three dogs, two cats, and one husband. In her imaginary spare time, she also serves as the blue-haired Publicity Officer for the Cisco Writers Club.

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