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Guest post by Faith Blum

Last July when I wrote the novel that inspired three novellas, I had no idea how pertinent they would be to my life as I edited The Solid Rock. Some of the themes tackled in TSR were depression, trusting God no matter what, and doing the right thing even when it’s hard. In July, it was easy to write that because it was such a great month and everything seemed to be going well, especially my writing. I wrote about 60,000 words in 32 days. By hand.

Then a couple of months passed. I don’t remember exactly what was going on at the time, but when I started reading through TSR and editing it, I was feeling a bit down. Not quite depressed, but not joyful. And trusting God and doing the right thing were a bit challenging for me at the time.

I honestly can’t say how much I actually edited that first read-through because first of all, it had been a couple of months since I had written it and I was enthralled again by the story. But secondly, everything that Joshua, my main character, was going through in the story paralleled what I was going through in my life. Not exactly, but it was similar enough to show me a few different things.

  1. God can work through anything, even your own writing, to help you.
  2. God knows your future and wants to help you.
  3. You never know how much the struggles you go through, or the struggles you put your characters through, might help someone.

That final point was driven home by one of the first reviews I received for The Solid Rock. The reviewer said this: “This is the fourth book I’ve read by Faith, but the first that wasn’t a novella. It was wonderful to see how she could develop (and keep track of) so many different characters! Faith’s stories are an amazing reminder that we may lose our path, but can find it again, and this was no different. (Thank you, Faith!!) THE SOLID ROCK has a combination of faith, suspense, family, friends, new romances, and personal growth. My eyes have opened a bit and are now reflecting on my life and where I am at this moment.”

I am always amazed by how God works. Whether He works through the good things in life or sometimes even in the seemingly most heinous possible things, God is still there and He wants you to rest on Him instead of struggling through the sinking sand.

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I am weak, but Thou art strong/Jesus, keep me from all wrong/I’ll be satisfied as long/As I walk, let me walk close to Thee.
Katie and Joanna meet on a train headed to Cheyenne, Wyoming. They start talking and find out they are both headed there to become mail order brides. They quickly become good friends. When they get on a stagecoach with three other young women, Katie becomes suspicious. What is going to happen to them? Or is it really possible that nothing untoward is happening?


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Faith Blum started writing at an early age. She started even before she could read! She even thought she could write better than Dr. Seuss. Now that she has grown up a little more, she knows she will probably never reach the success of Dr. Seuss, but that doesn’t stop her from trying.

When she isn’t writing, Faith enjoys doing many right-brained activities such as reading, crafting, playing piano, and playing games with her family. One of her dreams is to visit Castle City, Montana, to see the ghost town she chose for her characters to live in. She currently lives on a hobby farm with her family in Wisconsin.

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