Kaliyah Smith ~ A Disney Star In The Making!

Hey, folks! Remember this little girl’s name and face because I’m certain you’ll be seeing her on your TV screen in the very near future! Kaliyah is a little girl with a big dream. Lucky for her, she has a mom who is willing to help her make it happen.

Not long ago, I did an interview with Officer Deon Joseph, a.k.a. The Skid Row Cop. Well, he knows Kaliyah and her mom, Emmethia. A couple of weeks ago, I saw one of these videos below on his Facebook page and immediately became interested in Kaliyah’s story. Watch them and then see what Kaliyah’s mom has to say about her talented daughter.

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Hi, Emmethia! Glad to have you!

E: I’m glad to be here. Thanks for having us.

My pleasure! So, tell me, when did Kaliyah start showing signs of talent.

E: Well, she originally started doing pageants at the age of eight months and continued until she was four-years-old. At the age of seven, she started showing interest in doing TV, film, and commercials. Her dream is to be the next China Anne McClain. She is Kaliyah’s idol and her biggest role model. 

Now I know you two have met some celebrities. Has Kaliyah met China?





E: Yes, we met her and her family many times. We even went to their concert in Anaheim once. We’ve actually met a ton of celebrities.

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Wow! That is awesome. I can’t imagine how excited Kaliyah must have been and still be! So has Kaliyah snagged any work yet?

E: She has done some background work and just recently shot a commercial. She is also SAG-eligible.

So how did you meet Officer Joseph?

E: We met him when we moved to California from Chicago in hopes of her following her dreams of becoming an actress.

The move has been harder than anticipated, correct?

E: Yes. We’re homeless right now. We currently stay at the Salvation Army of Zahn downtown and we’re waiting on our Section 8 voucher. It has been a hard and stressful last four years.

I hope that comes through quickly. I know the cost of living in LA has to be rough for a single mom who’s working and doing everything to make things happen for her daughter.

E. It is rough. What brought us to where we are is the lack of affordable housing for
low-income families like ourselves and some credit issues. But, I’m willing to stay strong and to keep our heads up so that one day we will be settled and also she will be able to live out her dream. We’ve got to find permanent housing. She needs a stable foundation and an opportunity for her to concentrate on her goals to be a successful actress. She has always dreamed of being on the Disney channel and as her mom, 
I am willing to go far and beyond to help her get there.

Has Kaliyah told you how she feels about being homeless?

K.Smith1E: Kaliyah she doesn’t really understand what is going on, so I don’t really disclose a lot to her. I don’t want her to worry. All I want is for her to just focus on being a kid. Officer Joseph has been there for us since day one and is still continuing to be there for us. I’m not sure where we would be if not for him. He has always made sure we had what we need and I pray every night that something will change and that I won’t have to worry anymore. I gave up everything back home so that she can follow her dream of becoming the next Disney star and if we got to keep struggling with money and food to get where we want to be then that’s what we are going to do. I believe that God has a plan for us and He is putting the right people in front of us to help out.

Have you received any criticism for the journey you’re on with your daughter? Has anyone tried to tell you that you shouldn’t be doing what you’re doing for Kaliyah?

E: I get that a lot. I’ve even had someone try to make a false report to mess her up. I’ve had jealous people and family members tell me that I’m exposing her to bad people and that I’m doing this for myself, but I just shake them off. I’m not here to impress anybody. This is something my daughter wants to do and I’m going to do everything I can to help her follow her dream. If she ever wants to take a break, I told her we can and we will. This is all her dream. I’m just here to support her in every way I can.

You know, I think as long as long as she’s safe and well taken care of, this life
experience will keep her grounded. I doubt she’ll ever act like a spoiled brat. That is, unless it’s for a movie role! I know from our conversation that you didn’t initially realize how hard the transition would be, but she’s happy. She’s safe. She’s had experiences that other kids would give their right arm for and she has you.

Good luck and blessings to you both. Keep God in front of it all.

E: *smile* Thank you. We will.

K Smith Headshot 3Want to keep up with Kaliyah so you can congratulate her when she makes it? Here’s how you can do just that.

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