From The Heart – Series – #1

Happy New Year, everyone! Below is the first post of 2017, please read and share it around. I’m starting off with a much needed feel-good series. I put out a call for stories from folks who enjoy helping others or who have been helped. It doesn’t matter whether it’s family, friends, or strangers. If you have a story to share, please reach out to me at

From Julie~

According to my mother, I’ve always had a gift for caring for others. I’ve helped a lot of people in my 53-years of life but a few always stick in my head. I remember being sixteen and landing my first tax paying job. My father struck a deal with me. He said when I thought I had enough for a car he would match my savings. It was going real good until I found out that my parents wouldn’t be able to buy my brother a three-piece suit he needed to attend the Kentucky Derby with a friend. So I took my two-hundred dollars that I had saved and bought him one. Took me a while but I did eventually get a car.

A few years ago, good friends of mine were down on their luck. He was getting less than forty hours a week at work and she was laid off right before Christmas. I’d put a goodie box together. I included some meat and boxed foods along with Christmas cookies and candy that I’d baked. My boyfriend and I drove up to see them and deliver the box. When we arrived, I noticed the Christmas tree had no presents under it. They had two boys. So, I pulled my boyfriend aside. He handed me sixty dollars and I told my friend, “Lets run to town so I can get some soda for us.” Instead, I stopped at Walmart. In the parking lot she asked, “Why here?” I told her she had $150 dollars to buy the kids some presents from Santa. She started crying and said, “We’ll pay you back as soon as we can!” I  immediately let her know that Santa doesn’t want her to pay back anything. It wasn’t much but the thought of those boys coming down stairs and seeing no presents from Santa tore at my heart.

Another one that always sticks with me is a family of five (Parents, two kids, and a doggie) whom I knew well. The home they lived in was a rental and the landlord passed. Without any notice, the landlord’s son sold the house, giving them only two weeks to find another place to live. Lacking finances to move, they ended up moving into the hotel, but they didn’t tell anyone what they were going through. About a week after Christmas, they stopped by to visit. Now you know little kids don’t understand secrets, lo-and-behold, their four-year-old son said something about the hotel. I questioned them and they reluctantly told me the story. They were waiting for their taxes to find a home. I  couldn’t get over the thought of two adults, two children  (ages seven and four) plus a dog having to live in one room. I called my bank and applied for a signature loan for 2000.00. Together, we found them a rental with an option to buy. They rented for a year and then purchased it. This coming February they will have been home owners for a year. They did pay back my loan with their taxes but not until I made sure they had enough money to move in.
I’ve always heard there are two kinds of people in this world – givers and takers. It always warms my heart to see the face of someone I’m able to help whether it’s paying for someone’s groceries in front of me or giving my gift cards to a neighbor to buy food.I believe that we were put on earth not to look down on people and flaunt what you have and judge those who have nothing but to share your extras with people who have nothing and treat them as you would want to be treated.

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