Watch Out, Topeka! The Lafayette Lobos Are Back!

Get ready! This blog is going to show my age, but I’ll be attending a reunion with classmates from my elementary school tonight so you’ll have to forgive my nostalgia.

I’m a total eighties kid, meaning I was born in the seventies and grew up in the eighties. I graduated from high school in the early nineties and just as I became a legal adult, brick size cell phones that you would have never even considered sliding into your back pocket emerged. Prior to that, folks with car phones (adults) and pagers (I had a pager!) were the cool ones.

In grade school, I had the non-pleasure of playing DOS games such as The Oregon Trail on a Macintosh at school. At the time, I didn’t particularly care for learning how to use the computer or their floppy disks. It looked something like this…

I did love to read and at that time, each book had a little card holder in the front you had to put your name on to check the book out. It was fun to see who’d read the book before me. My free time was spent helping my mom and grandparents at home, playing outside with friends, being in love with Michael Jackson, and spraying generous amounts of Aqua Net on my bangs that rarely did what I wanted them to do.

My elementary school was/is the best in the nation because I said so. No, I don’t think it received any prestigious awards, but it should have. Filled with kids and staff from all walks of life, we melted and blended together in our East Topeka neighborhood. Despite the fact I battled shyness, I loved my friends and loved school. We were poor and my family had it rough, but I wasn’t alone. Other families dealt with similar issues and for us kids, it was just life. Sometimes you didn’t even know how rough it got until you looked back years later.

When I say, they cared about us, I mean it. The staff at this school gave so much of themselves to engage us. Teachers worked together to give us a little store named The Lafayette Loot Store where we could use Loot dollars we earned to buy fun things for ourselves and family. I remember buying Christmas presents for my mom and grandparents out of that store. One year, I think my last year there, an announcement came over the intercom. They said Michael Jackson would be performing just for us that day. Did I mention I was in love with Michael Jackson? I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to fully forgive Mrs. Johnson for moonwalking onto that stage. Just kidding. Sort of. . . I’m sincerely trying to forgive her. 😉

Man, I miss those days! I must stop here. If I start listing all they did, this blog might crash the internet.

Anyway, I’m proud of myself for starting a Facebook group for our school that has grown to 400 members so far. More than that, I’m grateful to our classmate, Merlina, who has put her heart and soul into creating a reunion that will be the only one I’ve ever cared about attending. The first part of the reunion is tonight, June 9th, 2017. The rest is all day tomorrow. I can’t wait to see all those little faces in their grown up form.

If you have ever worked for or attended Lafayette Elementary School, please join us in our Facebook group.

If you know someone who may have been affiliated in any way, please share this blog with them.





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