The Light Leads to Love – A Reflections of Faith Anthology Volume 3


The Reflections of Faith team is back and excited to offer you the third volume in the ‘Light Leads’ series. The theme of this anthology is ‘Love!’ Watch for it. It’ll available at the end of Jan 2018! Free for a limited time! Happy New Year!

“By this, everyone will know that you are my disciples.”

Love lies at the heart of the Christian’s journey, but in moments of crisis, love often seems the toughest of the virtues. In this anthology, nine of the brightest voices in independent Christian fiction offer stories about individuals at the crossroads, and the opportunities they have to respond with Christian love in all its forms.

Love can be patient and kind, or it can take the form of embracing one’s enemy. It can come in the shape of a second chance, or it might look like walking away and never turning back. Love reaches out and reaches in. Ultimately, that love brings each person closer to God.

From an abandoned child to a reformed addict, from teens experimenting on the brink to an enraged mother defending her infant, these nine novelettes focus on those pivotal moments when a soul can either turn to love or avoid God’s grace, whether to its own detriment or someone else’s.

Join these nine authors on a journey into the most difficult facet of the Christian life, but the one by which Christ Himself promised we would be recognized.

Patricia Bell · Faith Blum · Bokerah Brumley · Dyanne Gordon Green ·  Jane Lebak

Leila Tualla · Robin Merrill · A-M Prouheze · C.L. Wells

If you’ve missed the first two installments, don’t despair! Both titles are available in all the usually places.

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