Howdy, Peeps! Welcome to the third interview in this blog series. Thank you all so much for following and getting to know these authors through their interviews. Today, our special guest is Kyle Ferlemann. I have to tell you all that Kyle fascinated me. I’m somewhat of a conspiracy theorist so when Kyle told me he a Freemason, I got a little itchy. Then our conversation went down several different roads… mostly because I’m nosey. I can’t even post the entire interview because it would make the blog too long. Now here I am taking up more space explaining all this. ****************************** Welcome, Kyle. Thanks for your willingness to be interviewed. K: Thanks for the invitation to connect. Tell me about your Kansas ties. Did you grow up here? K: I was raised in the Flint Hills of Kansas and forests of Missouri. I traveled a lot as a child but the years I … click here to read the full article.

Welcome, everyone! Today, I have a special guest. This interview is out of the ordinary for me, but I hope to have more like it. I’m excited to share my interview with Cardiff Gerhardt with you. He’s an up and coming actor and musician from Salt Lake City, Utah. If you’ve seen the movie MistleTones over the holidays, you may know him as Ludacris Kringle who takes the stage during a competition scene and raps ‘Away in the Manger.’ Welcome, Cardiff! Thanks so much for accepting my invitation to an interview. C: My pleasure! So, I read your IMDb biography and saw that MistleTones was your first acting job. However, you weren’t really acting, you were rapping! You did a rendition of Away In A Manger that I absolutely fell in love with. I tried to find the song to purchase and when I couldn’t, found you instead. Was that an … click here to read the full article.

Hey, all! Happy New Year! We made it to 2016 and we owe it to ourselves to do the best we can with it. I love starting this year with the eleventh entry of the Self-Harm Blog Series. I’m honored to be a part of helping those who’ve struggled with this problem tell their story. With hopes of helping others who can relate to the pain of self-harm addiction, let us do our part in spreading the ‘word.’ The word is hope. The word is healing. The word is possibilities. The word is Love. God’s love. Your love. My love. Let us begin. Today is my interview with Kirsty. She is a young woman I met on Twitter who has been free of self-harm for a year! Woo-hoo! Welcome, Kirsty, and congratulations on your success! K: Thank you. When did you first self-harm? K: Honestly, I can’t put my finger … click here to read the full article.

It’s about 5:30 in the morning and I’ve been up for a couple of hours. You know how your mind starts turning in the wee hours when you can’t sleep. No matter how badly you want to, your brain won’t shut off? Yeah, that’s me right now. I started to think about how we interact with each other. Broad topic… I know. But depending on who you ask, there are a lot of different personalities out there. Sometimes we excel at learning how to jive (so to speak) with one another at a basic level. Especially when you meet another person you mesh well with. You know… things click, fall right into place. You might feel like you’ve known them for years when it’s only been a few days. I had that experience recently. It’s fun. But when things are complicated, it can be a disaster! It’s more work when there’s … click here to read the full article.

Today, I’m reading an excerpt from a very worthy book. Listen and share. Pretty please. ♥     Buy Barry’s Book!   “In Darkness, a Light Still Shines” – 52 Stories of Hope – Gleaned from the Homeless, Poor, and those who Care for Them It is no secret that hopelessness and despair have emerged in our world to a staggering degree. Broken relationships, financial uncertainties, and seemingly impossible situations are plaguing multitudes tempting them to give up on life. These writings are an attempt to offer hope in the midst of the darkness so prevalent in our world today. The challenges surrounding each one of the 52 short stories included in this book have been immense; yet the way God has brought treasure and light out of the darkness faced is astonishing. While your life is unique and it sometimes feels as though there is no way out from the … click here to read the full article.

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Just Listen

You’ve heard the old cliche ~ Bad News Travels Fast. Well, it’s never been truer than it is today. Are there some benefits to this? Of course! If a child is abducted, their photo will be spread across the country in a matter of minutes. If a natural disaster occurs, the entire world is notified and immediate action is taken. But there’s a price for these benefits, and the price has many names. Some of those names are Fear, Worry, Anxiety, Depression, Angst, Obsession, and Stress. Obviously, these oppressors have been around a whole lot longer than the Internet, television, or even radio for that matter. Folks have been afflicted with such things since the beginning of time! Why else would there be such beautiful scripture, poetry, and advice written to aid us through such difficulties? But now, we are inundated with bad news all day long. If we so much … click here to read the full article.

Are you bored? Is this you? It’s not me. I’m NEVER bored. Never-Ever. Not anymore. I used to get bored often and do you know what that means? It means I didn’t have enough of the right things going on in my life and had too much of the wrong things going on. Now, don’t get mad. As Optimus Prime would say, “Calm down, calm down.” This is solely my opinion, but if you often find yourself saying, “I’m so bored,” then Houston, you have a problem. I’m currently forty and have been working since I was fifteen-years-old. To fill my time and to make extra money, I often worked a second job. We’ve never really wanted children, so there weren’t any little minions around to keep us hoppin’. While we love kids, it never seemed right to have any. We still haven’t grown up ourselves, so trying to force … click here to read the full article.

I’m not as okay as I pretend to be. Welcome to the tenth interview in the Self-Harm Series. I want to thank you for sticking around because I know this is a hard topic to revisit over and over again. The easy thing to do would be to bury your head in the sand and pretend you don’t know anyone with struggles like we’ve covered in the last couple of months. But the truth is… you do know someone. God has sent me ten brave souls so far. Ten people who are willing to lay it all out there so we can see what this looks like and so that others who are struggling know they’re not alone in their battles. Today, I was with a friend and she needed a ride to work. We stopped at McDonald’s on the way and I noticed the arms of the young lady at … click here to read the full article.

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