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Are you bored? Is this you? It’s not me. I’m NEVER bored. Never-Ever. Not anymore. I used to get bored often and do you know what that means? It means I didn’t have enough of the right things going on in my life and had too much of the wrong things going on. Now, don’t get mad. As Optimus Prime would say, “Calm down, calm down.” This is solely my opinion, but if you often find yourself saying, “I’m so bored,” then Houston, you have a problem. I’m currently forty and have been working since I was fifteen-years-old. To fill my time and to make extra money, I often worked a second job. We’ve never really wanted children, so there weren’t any little minions around to keep us hoppin’. While we love kids, it never seemed right to have any. We still haven’t grown up ourselves, so trying to force … click here to read the full article.

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