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Howdy, Peeps! Welcome to the third interview in this blog series. Thank you all so much for following and getting to know these authors through their interviews. Today, our special guest is Kyle Ferlemann. I have to tell you all that Kyle fascinated me. I’m somewhat of a conspiracy theorist so when Kyle told me he a Freemason, I got a little itchy. Then our conversation went down several different roads… mostly because I’m nosey. I can’t even post the entire interview because it would make the blog too long. Now here I am taking up more space explaining all this. ****************************** Welcome, Kyle. Thanks for your willingness to be interviewed. K: Thanks for the invitation to connect. Tell me about your Kansas ties. Did you grow up here? K: I was raised in the Flint Hills of Kansas and forests of Missouri. I traveled a lot as a child but the years I … click here to read the full article.

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